Daedalus Table, circular profile
Lawton Mull
Gilt steel, pheasant feathers, glass, plexiglass
42" diameter, 16 1/4" high
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The Daedalus table is inspired by the clean neo-classical lines of mid-20th century French furniture; by the indefinable richness of a particular blue which occurs in nature in just a few things--scarab shells, abalone, and the teal chest feathers of the Lady Amherst pheasant; and by the legendary skill of Daedalus, who designed the wings which lifted Icharus too close to the sun. It expresses an aesthetic ideal of luxe minimalism, which exists at the intersection of the organic and the fabricated, the streamlined and the opulent. Here, it is conveyed by the contrast of the circular top with the angled frame, the abstract mosaic of the iridescent feathers against the gilded steel which contains them.

The entire table is built in New York, from the fabrication of the steel frame and glass top to the gilding and feathering, which we perform by hand in our Long Island City studio.

This is a custom order, and made to client's specifications. There is also a rectangular coffee table, seen here, and other profiles to come. The frame is also available in unlacquered brass. Price depends on size and finish. Please inquire.