19th Century Carved and Gilt Neo-Gothic King Sized Headboard
late 19th/early 20th century
Gilt wood
53 ½" high x 84" wide

Preston Pope Satterwhite collection, Speed Art Museum (Louisville, Kentucky).

An ornately carved neo-Gothic frame transformed into a headboard for a king sized bed, the center upholstered with ivory silk shantung. There is a certain wabi sabi balance in the juxtaposition of the aging surface of the wood and the serene white fabric.

A word about provenance: the frame originally held a tapestry from the renowned Preston Pope Satterwhite collection in the Speed Art Museum of Louisville, Kentucky. Satterwhite's opulent taste blended Renaissance and Gothic styles, and he shared the rich collecting habits of the Gilded Age industrialists Hearst, Morgan and Frick. Satterwhite's acquisitions were often guided by legendary dealer Mitchell Samuels of French and Company, and many of the Satterwhite treasures remain at the Speed in dedicated galleries.

The upholstered board can easily be removed, and the frame can be fitted with mirror glass or used to hold a treasured textile or other artwork.