The Daedalus Table in Brass and Goose
Lawton Mull
Unlacquered Brass, Glass, Goose Feathers
17" high x 50" wide x 28" deep

A new variation on the theme of our custom Daedalus table. In this version, the frame (fabricated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is unlacquered brass, which will darken with patina over time. Under glass, we have arranged rows of grey goose feathers.

The Daedalus table is inspired by the clean neoclassical lines of mid-20th century French furniture and by the legendary skill of Daedalus, who designed the wings which lifted Icharus too close to the sun. It expresses an aesthetic ideal of luxe minimalism, which exists at the intersection of the organic and the fabricated, the streamlined and the opulent.

Also available in gilt or blackened steel, and with a range of materials for the top.